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Shamanic Rattle Workshop

July 28 @ 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The rattle is the most potent tool for shamanic journey and healing work. It’s vibration symbolizes life itself, and in traditional cultures is often one of the 1st gifts given to a new baby. It is said that the rattle mimics the sound of rain which connects the heavens to the earth. We know and understand the power of water with it’s nurturing, cohesive, healing and cleansing properties. Therefore the shamanic rattle channels the energy of water to open the channel between the ethereal and material planes to support positive transformation, new birth. The crafting of your own shamanic rattle adds your unique vibration into this healing tool, making this one of your most treasured instruments of transformation. In this workshop you will be provided with the following: Rawhide for crafting the head of your rattle Artificial Sinew for sewing and wrapping your rattle head. Rawhide hole punch Needles for sewing small stones for the “brains” shakers inside the rattle. Detailed instructions and guidance to craft your rattle Light snacks and tea